I like to teach from the standpoint of how most people take photographs and how a professional “makes” photographs. My teaching philosophy is “life does not exist just at eye level”. The camera’s nowadays are amazing and there is no better time to get into photography than now. The amount of control in the digital darkroom is never ending but strong composition and interesting light are more important in my view than a big bag of gear.

Project description

I do a lot of private one on one photo tours with locals and vacationing people from all over the country. Central Oregon is loaded with amazing photo destinations and I’m always inspired by students who are willing to get up before dawn and drive to a lake or waterfall for sunrise.

I lead group outings and teach fundamentals workshops with CCOP and have also taught kids alternate process printmaking at the Art Station here in Bend. I truly enjoy sharing my knowledge and learning from my students as I believe we all have something to share through image-making. I always tell my students that photography is like cooking, we all have certain flavors we like and it’s about figuring out what your favorite recipe is. When it comes to learning about photography, “You can’t get it wrong and you’ll never get it done”, so just relax and keep shooting!