Photography has been my passion now for over 30 years.

To make great images is to savor life.

I strive to not only shoot what it looks like, but to shoot what it feels like.

Photos and video preserve a moment in time so that anyone can put themselves back in that moment. A captured moment remembers the little things long after we’ve forgotten everything. My goal is to capture that moment and it’s feeling, it’s emotion, as best I can.

We all take photos every day. Few make photos. To make a great photo you have to keep shooting. New angles, new lighting, new seasons, new people, new places, new things. This is what being a photographer, videographer, writer and teacher is all about.
It’s a lifestyle. It’s work. It’s play. It’s savoring life.

Check out the video and feel free to click around in the portfolios. I hope you find something that clicks with you…

Photo Tours

Night Sky Workshop Group Badlands Central Oregon

Central Oregon is one of the most beautiful and diverse parts of the Pacific Northwest. There are endless photo adventures to be had within an hour of Bend. Mountains reflecting in glassy lakes, towering waterfalls, river trails, mountain overlooks and wildlife at every turn. I’ve been guiding photo tours in central Oregon for over 8 years. Working with Cascade Center of Photography, I have logged thousands of miles and guided over 100 private and group photography tours and workshops in Central Oregon. With limited activities because of the Covid-19 shutdowns, it’s the perfect time to book a private, socially distanced photo adventure!

Fine Art Metal Prints

South Sister Sunrise at Sparks Lake Central Oregon

I have curated some of my favorite landscape images and have printed them on light weight aluminum fine art metal prints all sized at 24×36. They have been processed for vivid reproduction and are mounted and ready to hang. Please contact me at 541-848-9856 or email me at [email protected] for pricing and shipping info.


Mt Bachelor Moonset at Sunrise EX

Landscape photography has always had a special place in my heart. From my childhood in the Black Hills to Hawaii to the Pacific northwest, I have always sought out beautiful places during the perfect lighting and conditions to capture them in. I can produce stunning metal prints of any image you see on my website. They are 24×36 inch prints ready to hang! Prices start at $350. Please call 541-848-9856 for more info…


Diamondhead Crater Aerial Oahu Hawaii

Most people love to travel but dislike getting there. Airports and traffic are things to overcome in order to enjoy a vacation. But I enjoy it all. Whether capturing photos at night, at sunrise or sunset, while flying or from a car, I can always find something to photograph. Again, for me it’s about savoring life. That doesn’t mean I relax much while traveling, but after a week or so of sunrise to sunset photographing on assignment or instructing a guided photo tour, I feel like I’ve experienced more than most travelers. 

Writing and video production have also become a creative addition to my travel photography.


Bennet Wedding Guys Holding Groom

There is always something special that happens at a wedding. Yes, the ceremony. Yes the beautiful bride looks stunning. Yes the friends and family that haven’t seen each other in years come together. Of course all that gets photographed. What I love are the little unplanned moments: the kids eating cake, the proud parents looking on, the puppy who gets caught up in the bride’s dress, the couples quiet kiss before the reception starts…these are just as important to the day as the beautifully posed group shots!

Please call 541-848-9856 for pricing and availability…


Bend Townhouse Guest Room and Office

I have been shooting and editing video for the last 5 years, mostly for the Hawaii tourism industry. This has evolved into shooting a lot of real estate in Central Oregon. I produce walk through virtual videos with my full frame camera on a stabilizing gimble. Please call me at 541-848-9856 for prices and scheduling.


Kaira Sherman-Portrait by Douglas Bowser

I have always been an available light shooter. I got into multiple flash and studio photography in the 1990’s. I quickly took to the challenge of blending daylight with flash as I was shooting weddings and events. Even though I’ve done a lot with various lighting equipment, I think photography is so versatile that it never gets old and there is always something new to learn or discover about photographing people. My studio work has also evolved but with the recent Covid 19 restrictions I have been doing only outdoor and on location portraits.